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    Ever flopped back home on your sofa after a tiring day at work, wishing somewhat would cook you a piping hot dinner? Well, this new little contraption by Electrolux could just fulfill that wish of yours. Bringing a restaurant back home for you to relax and order the food while it’s cooked. The Tinno robot chef is all ready to cook you a nice hot dinner.

    You can order the food you want cooked from your workplace, or the other part of the country! With two storage compartments to keep food fresh, a preparing surface, two ovens, a slicer, and four cooking hobs, this robot is a master chef and a quick learner, picking up your own cooking techniques and using them when you’re too lazy to cook. A time saving device for our over worked schedules, this robot is sure to keep our tummies satisfied.

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on May 5, 2010

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