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    I don’t know much about sun signs but my friends tell me that Virgos are supposed to be the cleanliness freaks and perfectionists. They are allegedly the neurotic types who need to place coasters under glasses and trim wedge off sandwiches, in short Monicas (FRIENDS) of the society. Similar to this fastidious notion is the Brunch, a series of consumer products that celebrate the mundane. It includes stuff like a precision bread slicer that cuts the perfect, even, uniform slice. The angled toaster pops out the toast directly to the plate, much like a cannon ball shooting out of the cannon.

    The Holy Grail of table placement includes a graphical representation of the perfect blend; cutlery blends in perfectly with the tablemat. The Teapot records the height from which one pours the tea and the Milk and Sugar scoop allows you to pour in the precise amount to make the tea perfect. .
    A well-known theory in psychology states that neuroses are a result of the lack of real dangers that result from the high level of well being in our western society. This project explores post-functional products that address the desire for skill, struggle, rituals, perfection, preparation and anticipation – qualities lost when we indulge in the comforts of Prozac technology.

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