• The Big Bang egg-popping steamer

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    We all loved steamed eggs. They are tasty and full of nutrition. Well, how about using the Big Bang for that perfect egg on your breakfast plate? And no, don’t shock yourself; we aren’t talking about the Big Bang Theory for steamed eggs. This eye-catching appliance, the Big Bang, works just like a toaster. Designed by Lo Chi Di it guarantees a perfectly cooked egg.

    All you have to do is select an egg from under you pet chicken or your refrigerator. Place it in the designated holes. Pour the required amount of water in the holding tray, to aide the steaming process. Lower the egg lever and wait for your eggs to steam. When done, the egg pops out and is ready for use. The appliance is designed to pop out the egg, like a pop-out toaster, and not send it flying across the room and smashing into a wall, if that’s what’s worrying you. The Big Bang is sure an innovative way to a quick and easy breakfast.

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