• The Babegg, a milk bottle in an egg

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    Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, had a great fall, and Poof! He turned into a milk bottle! Babies love milk, since that’s the only beverage they drink and they love playful little ways to drink milk too. An enjoyable way to milk drinking is here, that is sure to make your baby smile and laugh. The Babegg.

    The Babegg does tend to remind one of a penguin too, with those two little protruding wings. So we guess that the design relates to a penguin egg. It also rocks from side to side, every time your baby decides to give it a little flick. Pull off the domed cap to expose the drinkable area. What’s more is, you can also use the egg stand, to keep you Babeggs in place. The egg stand holds four of these.

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