• Teatanic, the sinking tea-bag holder commemorates the Titanic

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    It’s been a century since the tragic end of one of history’s most memorable, the Titanic. To honor the 100th anniversary of the tragedy, one cheeky brain came up with this slightly amusing tea-bag holder called the Teatanic. Made from stainless steel, this tea-bag holder is meant to be placed in a glass of warm water and fits neatly on the rim of the cup to give the illusion of a sinking Titanic ship.

    All you need to do is press the sides of the Teatanic and the tea-bag holder squeezes out the freshness and goodness of tea-leaves, turning your cup of warm water into a soothing cuppa! This fabulous tea-bag holder is priced at just $13 a piece and isn’t really the best tribute to pay to the 1,514 people who died in the accident. It does make for a humorous way to start an early morning however.

    [Via – Uncrate]

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