• Sogum Huchuhuchu, a smart seasoning shaker shaped like a spoon

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    Amateur cooks have known the pain of over-seasoning the food the cook. To assist those who spend copious amounts of time in the kitchen, Korean-based designer Jaemin Jaeminlee came up with the confusingly named Sogum Huchuhuchu, a salt/pepper-shaker that makes sure you don’t drop too much seasoning into your food. A minimalist design, the Sogum Huchuhuchu allows you to shake out a small amount of salt or pepper into its spoon-like recessed area.

    This gives the user better control on how much salt or pepper is sprinkled into a dish and also prevents wastage. The handle of the Sogum Huchuhuchu works as a storage container and also as a grip. If too much seasoning is shaken out into the recessed area, users can also have it all slip back into the storage container through the groves by simply tilting the Sogum Huchuhuchu!






    [Via – Design-Milk]

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on June 3, 2013
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