• Safe cooking apparatus for the visually impaired

  • The visually impaired have a bunch of problems, getting around their day to day life, performing tasks we usually take for granted. One of these is the task of cooking. Given the fact that cooking involves the use of heated vessels and fire, things can turn pretty dangerous, particularly when a visually impaired person tries to find his/her way across a recipe. Keeping this in mind, USA-based designer, Sara Linginfelter, came up with this fantastic cooking apparatus.

    With a lid that prevents a boil-over, and also includes an inbuilt steaming-basket, strainer and more. The apparatus sports a large handle on its head, making it easier to grab the lid. Apart from that, the vessel has a stainless steel and rubber handle around its circumference, making it easier to grip and carry off the store and to the table. The feet of the vessel also helps it lock onto a burner and keep it from moving and causing spills. The ceramic shell of the vessel keeps heat away, making it safe from burn injuries.




    [Via – Behance]

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: , on April 25, 2013
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