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    Safe drinking water is one of the most essential things to ward of many diseases and ailments. And a trip to Zamibia made designer Timothy Whitehead think of a new idea to create a way to make safe drinking water quickly. Although current methods like sterilizing the water or adding chlorine tablets are efficient, they take around 30 minutes and give the water a horrible taste. This led the designer to come up with his own unique quick way of purifying water. His creation is dubbed the Pure Water Bottle and as its name suggests, it is a portable water bottle that promises to purify water in just less than two minutes. The bottle is equipped with a wind-up ultra violet light that sterilizes the water, and also ensures there is no change in taste of the water after the process.

    Just fill the outer chamber of the bottle with any water you find. The inner chamber is thrust through the outer chamber and the water is then filtered through a custom designed filter, down to 4 micron in particle size. After the water is clear, it is sterilized for 90 seconds using the UV rays. The whole process just takes two minutes and you are ready to sip pure drinking water.
    A great creation, it is definitely a must for explorers and travelers. The amazing creation even won the designer a James Dyson Award in the UK.

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