• “Poor Little Fish” basin encourages you to save water

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    In a unique attempt to get people to save water, designer Yan Lu has come up with the unique “Poor Little Fish” basin. Te Poor Little Fish basin comprises of a fish bowl and a basin. When the user starts washing his hands, the fish bowl automatically starts draining water and the user is made to turn the tap off in order to save the fish that may die without water. The minute you stop using the water, the water level in the bowl goes back to the original level. This, this unique project encourages you to save water by making you responsible for the life and death of the fish.

    In reality, the water in the fish bowl is not the water that spills out when you wash your hands. The designer has built another pipeline for the tap so that you’ll use clean water. A great concept, I hope the Poor Little Fish basin succeeds in saving water and the fish as well.

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on September 6, 2010

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