• Philips Co-Chef: Concept cooking assistant by Bram Shreuders

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    Designer Bram Shreuders has designed a concept Co-Chef for Philips in the Domestic Appliances Project. The concept for a healthy kitchen appliance was developed at the Deft University of Technology. It aims to remove all insecurities a cook may face while cooking like whether the vegetables are still fresh or is the food cooked to the right temperature. The Co-Chef functions as a smart cooking assistant that uses a wireless sensor to answer all these questions and inform you about your food. The device features a wireless touch screen that gives the information about the food once the sensors have tested it. The sensors range in variety form a spoon sensor to a pan sensor and even a fruit sensor that give information on everything from the temperature of the food to the ingredients, to the freshness of the items. Just place these various sensors in the various items you have cooked or plan to cook to know how your dish will or have turned out.

    A great concept, it will help avoid any faux pas in the kitchen and ensure everyone gets a healthy and delicious meal.

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