• Nutrismart uses RFID tags to give information of food nutrients

  • If you’re one of those who likes keeping tabs on your nutrition intake, this concept is sure to make you sit up straight! Designed by Hannes Harms, a German designer based in London, the Nutrismart is essentially a system with edible RFID tags that go into your food, which when placed on a Smart Plate that embeds a RFID reader and Bluetooth, sends out information regarding nutrition to smart phones and similar mobile devices via Bluetooth. And that’s not all. An LED also warns users in case of the food containing any sort of allergens!

    And the best part, food containing these RFID tags could also end up in RFID reading refrigerators that keep tab on expiry dates and such! A pretty innovative though seemingly indigestible concept though, not too many people prefer swallowing technology.


    Topics: Featured, Kitchen Tags: on June 14, 2011
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