• Novel electric kettle folds horizontally

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    Have you ever wished for a cup of warm water while out in the chilly outdoors? You don’t need to carry a flask or a stove anymore to warm water outdoors, thanks to this brilliant innovation by Slovakia-based industrial designer Stanislav Sabo. Called the Novel, this is a foldable kettle that is expandable and collapsible. When collapsed, the kettle folds into a single file, allowing you to stow it away and carry it around with ease.

    To warm water in this kettle, a user simply needs to expand it and connect it to a power source, like wall sockets and car sockets, for a steady electricity supply. The Novel kettle then uses the electricity to heat up water inside. Sporting silicon lining pads, the Novel kettle is perfect for use while cruising through the outdoors in your car on a cold winter’s day.




    [Via – Designtaxi]

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on September 24, 2013
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