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    Nord is a domestic appliance company in Ukraine that had organized an industrial design competition recently. The results are out and they are outstanding. Since there were only two categories in the competition, we have an array of Refrigerators and Cooking range to feast on. The winner takes home a Mac Pro workstation and Cinema HD Display. The first prize went to first prize was given to Andrey Bondarenko for his Nord fridge. Second prize went to Roman Kovbasyuk and Il’ya Melekhov for the same category. In the Stove category the first place went to Oleg Stepanov; the second place went to Denis Belma and Andrey Vostrikov.

    I would like to talk a bit about the prize-winning stove. It looks to be a tub-design that holds hotplates or an oven beneath the barrel structure. The top is of course the cooking range, but the sliding trays from beneath indicate a heating element there as well. Since the exterior of the barrel is transparent, this means it’s made from highly heat-resistant toughened glass. It would be interesting to see Nord or any other domestic appliance manufacturer take on the task of commercializing this concept.

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