• Modern tea infuser inspired by USB sticks

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    Tea has long since been termed as one of the most refreshing drinks one can sip on. Known to soothe the nerves and calm those who sip on this beverage, tea is quickly turning into more than just a comfort drink. Japanese design firm Kinto came up with the loop tea strainer, a tea infuser inspired by the USB stick. Sleek and suave, this tea infuser is perfect for a gadget-freak’s desk and will fit right in!

    The infuser sports a sliding mesh lid that requires to be slid open. Once done, tea leaves can be scooped in. The mesh requires to be slid back into place before the infuser is dropped into a cup of hot water. A fantastic design indeed, this tea infuser is unlike any we’ve seen before and uses its simple design to its advantage.




    [Via – Fastcodesign]

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on June 4, 2013
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