• Instant Dishwasher: Perfect appliance for modern compact homes

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    Today’s fast paced lifestyle requires “instant” and “compact” gadgets. So when it comes to dishwashers too, today’s generation wants the “instant and compact” solution. This is mainly because of the compact homes that are short on space and hence can’t incorporate the regular large dishwashers that are available today. But you can always count on the progress in science and technology to come up with a compact solution. Thanks to the collaboration of Bosch and designer Robert Lange, folks with compact homes can have their very own compact dishwasher. The result of their collaboration is dubbed the Instant Dishwasher. Featuring a sliding top that reveals a pull up basket to put the dishes, this instant dishwasher is definitely unique. What is more it is strategically placed near the sink for easy and efficient cleaning and can be integrated easily with the kitchen counter. The sleek design makes it a high end appliance for your home.

    So, if space is the issue or you are just wary of your big and bulky dishwasher, it’s time to switch to the Instant Dishwasher.

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