• Innovative countertop that un-clusters your kitchen, the Soria

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    Step inside your home’s kitchen and have a look around. Extensive counters, too much space wastage and a load of mess. Designer Victor Xavier came up with this kitchen counter, that’s a world away from the ones we have at home today. The counter top includes just about everything in as little space as possible. Place it in the center of your kitchen, and you save up a load of space, given that this counter top includes the sink, the stove burners, a pull out table and loads of storage space. Christened the Soria, the table has slider doors that make way for the storage spaces and draws to arrange all your table ware systematically.

    A great and practical design indeed, a countertop like this will sure help free up all that space taken in your kitchen and make the cooking experience a lot better than it already is.

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on February 26, 2011

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