• How Do I Choose the Right Granite Worktops?

  • Granite is among the most popular raw materials for kitchen worktops. Most homeowners prefer granite worktops over the rest for several reasons. First, granite has a natural and impressive look. These worktops are unique as they are available in their natural look. The other reason is durability. Granite makes the most durable worktops you will ever find on the market. These worktops are also resistant to all kinds of damage. If you are thinking of installing granite worktops, you may have come across different types of worktops. How do you choose the right granite worktops in Ireland?

    Colour and shade
    Although these worktops bear the colour of granite, they are available in different shades. You can purchase dark or bright granite worktops depending on your kitchen theme. The main aim of having different shades is to suit your kitchen colour needs. This also enhances uniqueness as you may choose similar granite worktops but of different shades. As you choose a granite worktop colour, make sure that it matches the cabinets.

    Consider the pattern
    Granite worktops are available in 3 different patterns; speckled, solid and marbled. Besides considering the colour, you can choose a unique pattern to match your cabinets. These three variations differ slightly but can have a great impact on your kitchen. Speckled granite worktops are the most popular worktops. These worktops are best when you want a stylish and unique kitchen design. Marbled worktops, on the other hand, have a smooth transition between colour and texture. Finally, solid granite has the least variation and best suits a small-size kitchen.

    Tile or slab
    You can choose to purchase granite worktops in tile or slab form. Tile granite worktops are relatively cheaper than slab worktops. However, the cost of installation is higher as there is a lot of labour and grout involved. Slab granite worktops are easy and cheap to install. There are few or no grout lines involved as you can choose a single slab to cover the entire worktop area.

    Did you know worktops are available in different thicknesses? Don’t be confused by the different prices for similar granite worktops; they may differ in thickness. However, the right thickness for your kitchen depends on the purpose of your worktop.

    Consider the manufacturer/supplier
    Finally, there are hundreds of suppliers providing and installing granite worktops. However, you need to purchase granite worktops from the best supplier. To determine the best supplier, it is advisable to check reviews and read testimonials. Make sure that you get granite countertops from a trustworthy and reputable supplier.

    Granite countertops are arguably the most stylish, durable and unique type of kitchen worktops. However, this can only be achieved by choosing the best granite countertops for your kitchen. Have a budget for your kitchen remodelling. As you search for the right granite countertops, make sure that the cost is within your budget. You can compare quotes for granite worktops from several suppliers to find the best for your kitchen needs.

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