• Hakan Gürsu’s Flame kettle made from recyclable copper and steel

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    If the conventional kettle has lent a dull touch to your bright mornings, here’s just what you probably would need to spice things up a bit, every time you decide to boil a little water! A one-of-a-kind kettle called the Flame, this appliance is literally shaped like a flame emerging from a crackling fire and is capable of quickly heating water too! Designed and developed by Hakan Gürsu, the Flame kettle is quite eco-friendly too and is made from 100-percent recyclable materials.

    Instead of using environment chocking plastics, the Flame kettle is made from copper and stainless steel. The copper also helps with quicker heat conduction, in turn reducing the boiling time and energy used in heating water. The design won the Silver A’ Design Award in the in ‘Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design’ category, and for good reason!

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