• Green Cycler- a futuristic concept for waste disposal

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    Kitchen gardens fed with wastes from the kitchen like peels of fruits and vegetable etc. grow into healthy plants and thrive. This is fact that I have tested over the time, so I find it endearing that designer Sang hoon Lee has designed the Green Cycler for the future. His concept finds place in a futuristic kitchen that believes in the power of recycling waste. As propositioned by him, in the year 2020, many kitchens will see food wastes being dumped into the trashcan. Hence he has designed the Green Cycler a waste disposal system that acts like a fodder to your kitchen plant. The three-step process sees you throw in some waste into the cycler, where the decomposing food becomes a fertilizer for the plant growing in the basin.

    A light indicator gives away the progress of the growth of the plant. When the light reaches the bottom of the flute, the vegetable is ready to be harvested. An interesting concept that looks exquisite and will hopefully garnish all futuristic kitchens.

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on August 25, 2008
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