• Electrolux Bloom defines a new era in food preservation

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    Electrolux seems to understand the needs of today’s modern and fast paced generation and Nathan Kwak essays their ideology in the conceptual Electrolux Bloom. The biggest requirement today has to be that of preserving the essential nutrients of the food. Usually because of work pressure and a hectic schedule the food gets spoilt or becomes cold due to various delays. Thus, the experience of eating a healthy and happy meal is diminished. But now thanks to the all-new Bloom, that maintains your foods required temperature, you can start looking forward to delicious and healthy meals again. Inspired by Koreas method of preserving food (netted covers for covering food and stone plates to keep food hot), the Electrolux Bloom is the best alternative to the refrigerator. Not only does it keep your food hot, its trendy design ties in very naturally with your table settings.

    This modern high tech device, when set up standing, resembles a vase, and when flipped over as a holder, appears to represent a blooming flower. An amazing design, it is sure to help you remain healthy and happy.
    Via – Gizmodiva

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on December 9, 2008

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