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    I am far away from Portugal, but apparently there’s a brand called Delta, the first Portuguese brand to lunch coffee in caps just like Nespresso, with 7 different blends and tastes. Delta Q is a collection of designer espresso coffee cups and saucers whose color coordinates match the colors of the preferred blend cap. After dinner conversations usual meander towards the coffee selection. Each individual has his preferences regarding the brew, besides making interesting conversational material; the activity of blending your brew can become quite an amusing task. The Delta Q comes with an entire Blend Pack that includes7cups, 7saucers, 7caps and 7Blends, which can be presented as the Delta Q Blend Pack for beginners. João Carneiro has designed the pack, and by the looks of it, the concept proposes to be a big hit with coffee-addicts like me.

    Besides the Delta Q, the designer has also conceived a whole brewing process with the SteamQ, which is a home appliance that allows heating of the espresso’s coffee cups efficiently. The machine operates just like a professional espresso coffee machine.
    This is what João has to say about the machine:
    The Steam Q appears as an ideal complement to the espresso coffee cap machines, enriching the range of products from the Delta Q providing it a value of more respect within the universe of coffee connoisseur.
    Thanks João

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