• Cutlery set with smiley faces that stare back at you

  • Smile.jpgSo when was the last time you looked down at your plate and found a face looking back at you? Here’s a set of tableware that does just that. A bowl, a dessert plate and a dinner plate, all with a smiley face staring back at you through your food. Designed by Estudio BIS//CUIT, the Patterned Smile uses those lovely little emoticons we use to express our facial expressions on the internet. Made from porcelain with the decals in black, brown and gold, these can be used well in dishwashers and microwaves too without causing too much harm to the plate surface.

    The set was designed and made in Portugal. Flowery designs are out! Its time for emoticons to decorate our cutlery now!

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on December 14, 2010

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