• Chiara Daniele’s iFood technologically-advanced kitchen makes use of touch-enabled panels!

  • Packing kitchens with just about as much technology as they can hold sure seems to be the best way to get around cooking woes. Take Chiara Daniele’s technology-packed kitchen for one. The iFood concept kitchen makes working your way around easier with every appliance responding to the touch of a remote control! The fridge door works as a sort of a touch screen console that enables you to control the workings of your kitchen completely. And that’s not all. The door itself gives a view of the contents in the fridge without you having to open it, while the cooking plane sports LEDs that display information in regards to stove heat, weight of cooking ingredients, cooking time etc! each and every appliance also sports a touch panel that enables you to control them all uniquely, making this space-age kitchen one to daydream about!


    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on November 16, 2011
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