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    Broto is Spanish for sprouts and this little device has been rightly so called for the plants it nurtures to grow. It’s the perfect kitchen garden where you can fuss over your spices or teas and herbs. Why would you opt for Broto over a potted plant? Well, the answer is simple, with pots comes in dirt and mud, but Broto eliminates the need of mud or earth altogether. According to the designers, the technology used is one of the hydroponic systems, the aeroponic. In this system, the roots are not immersed in the water but are suspended in the air and receive jets of water with liquid nutritional solution. Artificial lightning via LED facilitate in healthy growth and the well being of the plant. Broto uses an autonomous system, which provides measurement of pH, temperature, nutrients and humidity. This info is displayed on the interface located on the side of the device.

    The design of Broto is inspired by functionality and aesthetics. This handy greenhouse not only forms a source of fresh produce, but also looks appealing in the kitchen. All it requires is a small nook on the platform, and the best part is that it’s not even messy. Camila Protz, Gabriela Mombach and Marcelle Sampaio have designed it.
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