• Bobble reusable water bottle with filter by Karim Rashid

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    Industrial designer Karim Rashid is popular for his wacky and mind-blowing designs, but the fact he could churn out ecological designs with consideration for the environment, is a revelation for us. Karim Rashid has collaborated with Move Collectible, LLC to introduce the Bobble Water Bottle that filters tap water as the user drinks it. Bobble is fitted with a replaceable carbon filter that removes chlorine and organic contaminants from municipal tap water. A single Bobble filter equates to at least 300 water bottles, which means that it could save us a lot of money. This is a wonderful design concept that could trim down landfills and contribute to the wellness of the ecology. The Bobble bottle could come in handy for a journalist traversing remote territories, where water is in acute scarcity.

    Each Bobble filter should be replaced every two months or after filtering approximately 150 liters of water. It has a recommended retail price of $10, which is quite cheap, I must admit. Bobble water bottle is available in six distinct colors: Green, Red, Blue, Magenta, black and yellow.

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