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    Sipping on a hot mug of your favorite caffeine delight hasn’t been all that unique anymore. So, Baíta Design came up with these fantastically designed mugs with a touch of the alphabet! This collection of mugs shuns the use of the boring old curvy handle of the contemporary mug that we’re so used to slipping our fingers into, to sip on those refreshing caffeine beverages. Instead the Baíta Design mugs use letters from the alphabet as handles. These mugs might not be the ideal way to sip on coffee though, taken that holding on to them might just be a bit too difficult after all. The mugs, made from melamine, work as great show pieces though! Line them up on a shelf to show off the name of your coffee shop and you’re sure to have visitors staring in delight! Innovatively and creatively designed coffee mugs to suit your taste by Baíta Design.


    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on October 25, 2010

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