• Back to the Stone Age with the Pebbles Grill

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    Pleasant Sunday afternoons always make me nostalgic about the barbeque grills and open tandoor that my family used to indulge in when I was a kid. Things have changed drastically since then; we all have outgrown the need to indulge basically because no one has the time. Working up a fire and setting out the elaborate ingredients, not to forget the umpteen heaps of cheese and butter (totally wasted on the hips), all seem futile and time-consuming now…It’s easier to order take-away! Designer Nathan Kwak seems to have something in common with me. He too likes grills and barbeque, although his is more of a traditional Korean stone grill fare. Pebbles is his take on the art of grilling food on stones, which is a typical Korean way of cooking. The device is a convenient portable grill that accommodates and adapts to the type of food it is cooking. Flexible in design, you can use it to wrap your fish and meats so that it cooks evenly.

    Another option is to use it as a burner on the table for a nice, warm family dinner. Pebble boasts of a simple structure, to operate, you need to pull out the main controller pebble from the body of the grill and press on the power button to activate the central heating system. You can manipulate the heat from this controller and regulate the cooking. The characteristics and qualities of the stone allow washing to be simple and easy.

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