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    Hectic lifestyles and nuclear families gave birth to modular kitchens. Taking the idea to another level is the modular refrigerator. An alluring concept because its advocates space-saving techniques and technologies. Maximizing on the utility-quotient, the Arçelik Divide&Cool uses four differently sized modules that can be arranged in multiple ways. This not only promotes customization, it also takes into account the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen and individual preferences. For example, a vegetarian family may not require an ample deep freezer for meats. The modules can be customized for storage of particular foods at the ideal temperature and humidity of those foods, extending freshness and good taste.

    Designed by Fuat Arı and Soner Ilgın for Arçelik, the size of the Divide&Cool modules take into consideration the size of the kitchen, the clearing height and width for installation. Divide&Cool is a design that truly modernizes your kitchen and adds functionality to it.

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