• Aesthetic ideas meet coffee machines with designer Dror Goldblum four-legged espresso maker

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    Need a hot cuppa? Check this one out. Designer Dror Goldblum came up with this espresso machine, that stands up on four legs and looks just great, enhancing the aesthetic feel of your room. No longer is the espresso maker a boring old contraption from the last decade that sits heavily on your table top and looks terribly ugly. This one has a cylindrical main body mounted horizontally above the coffee cup, supported by a beautiful white shell. Placed before a white backdrop, this one would sure seem to be a machine floating above your mug of coffee! The sides of the cylinder are doors through which you enter water and coffee beans or capsules.

    Using this one is easy too, and isn’t a bunch of rocket science. The machine has just two buttons, one for a short espresso and the other for a long one. So grab that mug and soothe your nerves with some coffee!

    Topics: Kitchen Tags: on August 23, 2010

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