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    My Wedding – The next big leap of my life

    I am an archaeologist and being one has been a dream ever since I read my first history lesson. I have always fancied a sea facing apartment and struck luck when I got a great deal on one. Thirdly, I … Continue reading

  • Bluetooth connectible throat headset by iASUS, the Stealth

    A throat microphone, or a laryngophonem picks up sound directly through sensors in contact with the neck and is used in loud environments usually, where speaking into a normal microphone just doesn’t help. Now iASUS is developing the “Stealth” Bluetooth … Continue reading

    Juhasz Adam’s Salt, Pepper Shaker: Slim is In!

    Slim is definitely in and happening. Every new design becomes obsolete some day and we must be open to embrace change positively. There have been loads of salt and pepper shaker designs in the past that have caught the fancy … Continue reading

    Chatting with Stuart Sharples

    British designer Stuart floored me with his earnest designs, which prompted me to urge him for an interview. His Sony Retro Hifi and EnergyMate are easy going designs that are practical and contemporary. Let’s hear (or rather read) his side … Continue reading

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