• Zeri Phone looks like a wormy monster

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    Concepts have a way of making it to the very top of our wish list. It’s really tragic if it’s a phone and especially one that has the capability of working with a renewable energy source. Get a grip of the Zeri Phone that looks like the mouth of some giant, wormy monster in a cartoon show. It makes use of thermoelectric generators that produce electricity from the temperature difference produced when it travels with you in your pocket. So what really appears to be a whale’s mouth cavity is basically a fabric made out of knitted metal wires.

    If you aren’t one who carries his phone in the pocket then the piezoelectric system in the phone uses hair like generators that produce electricity by picking vibrations from the air. Great concept, scary design.
    Via – [Newlaunches]

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on December 14, 2009

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