• Yonos Smart Lamp is an overdose of utility

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    Lamps should generally do more than offer light. That’s why we have lamps such as the Yonos Smart Lamp that come rigged with features and accessories that extend beyond the usual lighting. The lamp offers everything from mobile charging to some rather cool lighting settings. For starts, it doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker and USB charger. An app enables integration with your smartphone. The lamp also draws radio waves to keep you entertained and also supports hands-free calling. Little did the past know about lamps that can be spoken to. The illumination modes are a special kind of awesome and include settings such as wake-up light, natural sounds, sunset simulation, proximity sensor and social media notifications. It also offers a rotary knob for analog control.
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    The Yonos Smart Lamp comes dressed in a minimalist drape that is a welcome sight in most modern decors. It is made of hand-blown glass and stainless steel. The lights, the hues, the functions and more help make this one a truly desirable design.
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