• Yaskawa Electric introduces robotic systems to help people walk

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    A Japanese company that has been around since the last 98 years has recently caught eyeballs around the globe recently with its robotic technology, designed to help mankind and make the lives of humans easier. Yaskawa Electric, based in the port city of Kitakyushu in Japan, has announced two robots that will show up in the future to help people with disabilities to walk. The Ankle Walking Assist Device is an exoskeletal system with sensors in the sole of the boot that detect when the heel hits the ground. The robot then comes to life to give the stride just the boost it needs to maintain forward momentum.

    The second system called the Leg Rehabilitation Robot provides variable, natural movement-based resistance therapy to patients and helps people exercise their legs. While the former mentioned robot is expected to show up on store shelves by 2015, the latter will be made available by 2014.


    [Via – Akihabaranews]

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