• Yaniv Berg’s DSLR camera concept with a periscope-like form factor

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    You certainly don’t need to hold the camera at your hip anymore, if you’re spying on a moving target or simply love photographing moving subjects who’re unaware of your presence. Holding a camera to our hip and precalculating the focusing distance while snapping away is the task of a professional. Not if you use designer Yaniv Berg’s DSLR camera concept though, designed specifically for shots like these. The camera uses a periscope-like form factor that forgoes the usual brick-and-cylinder body of the DSLRs we come across today. The only issue with this design is, old time camera professionals who’ve been using their cameras designed to confirmed standards, will find the ruling out of eye-level photography annoying and intimidating.

    Maybe a nature photographer or someone who snaps at models and celebrities for a living might not seem too taken in with this one. A spy who loves keeping his photoblog updated with his newest targets sure would though.

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