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    While many Internet funny sites showcased the iPhone’s evolution as one that contributed only to the size of the device, not many envisioned a concept that would be as radical as this one. This concept iPhone 7 is something that really struck a chord and the video went viral to a reception of awe. The highlight in the video is the large flexible widescreen display of the device that shows off images, the size you would expect in a large iPad. The phone turns into a tablet with a mere button press. The edges of the phone are curved making it look like a rather curious spin-off of the original phone. The volume buttons lie along the edge of the phone while the widescreen button is large and is situated on the top of the handset. When pressed, the carbon fiber arms behind the phone’s screen stretch to display the elaborate rendition of the screen.

    The idea has been conceptualized by Sonitdac. We love the modular approach when the animation takes the components of the handset apart.

    [ Via : Ibtimes ]

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