• Wearable-drumkit makes air-drumming easier!

  • Air-guitaring isn’t all that new. Air drumming however is! This new and fabulous concept we came across aspires to bring forth the latent musician in you. By Guanyun Wang, Ye Tao, Zurui Jiang, Lei Shi, and Yujie Hong, the DrumGenius is in essence a wearable virtual drum kit. All you need to do is wear a set of accelerometers, one on each wrist, and mimic the gesture of playing a drum by moving your hands up and down as the DrumGenius creates sounds and images on a computer in time with your movements! A perfect way to drum away without having to purchase a full-fledged drumkit, this one could help drummers dance around on stage without having to sit rooted to their drumkits during live purformences.


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on March 12, 2012
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