• Walled Oven by Ludovic Peperstraete

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    We have seen many amazing concept futuristic kitchen appliances. The latest concept appliance to join this futuristic league is the concept Walled Oven by Ludovic Peperstraete. The design is the designers’ entry for the Electrolux Designlab2009. A concept for the year 2099, it is an energy efficient oven that lets you cook without wasting energy. And instead of choosing a desired time, you are expected to choose the texture of your item e.g. whether you want your cake to be crisp or smooth. The oven then uses its 3 lasers to heat the item to its desired texture. Just enter the name of the dish you wish to cook on the oven’s software interface and you will be presented with a choice of textures. Choose your desired texture and the oven will do the rest. A futuristic, hi-tech and extremely convenient device, it is sure to find its way into many homes in the future.

    With so many amazing futuristic devices, cooking in future promises to be a fun hassle-free experience.

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