• Visuscout 100 retina diagnosis monitor is highly portable, convenient to use

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    Retina scanning wasn’t any less cumbersome than a trip to an ophthalmologist’s office. Thankfully, we have a solution that not only simplifies the process of retina scanning but also makes it incredibly convenient. All thanks to the Visuscout 100 retinal scanner is a brilliant introduction in a field that always demands quicker and precision results. The scanner can ensure that retinas are scanned effectively, without needing to move the patient. It leverages high-quality imaging for detection and monitoring of retinal disorders thanks to the sophisticated hardware and software included in it. Experts can now focus even on incredibly tiny areas. The non-mydriatic operation of the camera and the amazing auto-focus capabilities, the eyes do not need to be dilated.

    The Visuscout 100 can be powered by batteries, thus enhancing its portability and dependence on a single location. You can transfer captured images to a computer or a smartphone with the help of the integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition to all these advantages, the compact nature of the scanner makes it cost effective too.



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