• Virtualizer VR gaming computer developed by students from the University of Vienna

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    VR, or virtual reality gaming, is quickly catching on, for obvious reasons. These games nearly allow players to enter the virtual world of games and use real-time actions to play! Joining the race is the Virtualizer, designed and developed by a bunch of young minds with some serious talent at the University of Vienna. This VR gaming computer sports an adjustable harness height that is designed to fit nearly any gamer like a glove.

    The Virtualizer tracks run-speed as sensors in the plate below the user’s feet and attached to the harness feed directional data to the VR headset. Currently, the only competition to this concept is the Virtuix Omni VR gaming set up that is on preorder at $499. If the Virtualizer does come with a smaller price-tag, we’re sure this one’s going to be right up there on our wishlists!

    [Via – Dvice]

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