• Turnstyle by R.D. Silva, rejuvenating vinyl

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    We’ve seen those old gramophones before, in museums or probably resting in grandpa’s attic, collecting dust in the days of the mp3 and digital audio players. We’ll we’ve forgotten the fact that old records and record players are a lot more than just show pieces we’d come across in fancy restaurants. Giving the record player a new life is the Turnstyle designed by designer R.D. Silva. Now Silva decided to do away with that large cone shape that old record players sported, instead hooking up this contraption to a speaker. Also, the designer has kept it as simple as it could be, without too much of skin, with the entire structures bones exposed.

    No corners or hard edges whatsoever, and nothing confusing about it, the Turnstyle sure is a great design, bringing back to life vinyl days.

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on January 14, 2011

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