• Tron-styled climbing gear offers endless oxygen, heating control and power

  • mountain-climber-shield-1Climbing gear is seldom too elaborate in design as climbers shave off maximum bulk for optimum performance. So when we set our eyes on this conceptually amazing climbing gear, novelty screamed out dearly. Designed by Cheng Hang, Dong Qian Wen, Ye Zi Hui, Zhang Ting Yu, and Zhou Hong Ru, this gear is more than just good-looking and reminiscent of Tron. Called Mountain Climber Shield (why?!), the gear offers climbers with a number of advantages. Among the key benefits is the unlimited supply of oxygen, the lack of which has haunted climbers for ages. In addition to this, it also equips climbers with electricity supply and heating, without consuming any energy other than water and sunlight.

    How this works is a mystery to us as well, but this Mountain Climber Shield surely looks built for the win. I am especially impressed by the oxygen treatment as it can greatly encourage a number of budding climbers to scale them heights fearlessly.



    [Via – Tuvie]

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