• Trends in Programming: what is coming up?

  • According to several reports, programming started back in 1960 with the establishment of Simula, the first-ever programming language. Up till today, programming is one of the strongest professions of today with the highest pays. Much of the hype around programming though is about the fact that programmers are often hired not on the basis of whether they have a degree in their craft or not, but on their skill and their readiness to take up tasks.

    As a result, several people around the world are looking to join the profession. Of course, not having a degree does not mean that you completely shy away from any sort of learning regimes or courses. Developing skill in programming requires plenty of practice and knowing your craft. But what it also takes is staying up to date with the contemporary trends for programming.

    Here are some of those trends:

    1.Artificial Intelligence
    Everyone in the field and outside it clearly realizes that Artificial intelligence is a field that will grow substantially. This is not just because people are saying the introduction of AI in the simplest of technologies such as cellphone cameras, but also given the huge amounts of investment in the field. Statistics have predicted that the market for Artificial Intelligence will be worth just over $190 billion by 2025.
    This phenomenal growth will surely bring with it large-scale employment opportunities and an introduction of better methodologies. In fact, predictions even say that programmers will slowly be replaced by AI!

    2.Progressive Web Applications
    Given that more than half of the streaming of videos comes from mobile devices today, the need to optimize websites and user experiences to fit smaller screens and ever changing screen proportions is essential. Therefore, most web pages today are programmed to behave less like a web page and more like a phone application.

    This is why they are called Progressive Web Applications. These web pages automatically fit the size of your screen. Upon tilting the phone, the webpage too adjusts accordingly giving you a better browsing experience.

    3.Deploying Automatically
    The Software Development Life Cycle forms the de facto mode of software creation guidelines for any sort of program creation. It facilitates the programmer to trace out clearly the entire programming and development cycle to create extremely complex programs in the simplest way.

    Among the phases of this cycle, one of the most complex stages that makes programmers and developers shudder is the testing a deployment phase. This is where you actually check your software for bugs and critically assess whether the program fulfills the function it was actually created for. The phase is made even more complex because of the fact that the problems just pile up until the very end to be found which warrants major changes later.

    As a result, the trend is now moving towards Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment which are automated methods of simultaneously checking and deploying programs. This eases the job of the programmer and creates more efficient programs.

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