• Todd Ham designs an Apple-esque iWatch concept

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    Aah, here’s yet another iWatch concept that has led us to wonder just why the apple of the technology world’s eye, Apple Inc., hasn’t unleashed one on the masses yet! The brainchild of one very creative individual named Todd Ham, this iWatch concept is good enough to give Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and the Pebble lots to sweat about. Resembling he Nike FuelBand, this iWatch concept is made from rubber and keeps it simple, the way the iPhone does.

    Sporting only HOME and VOLUME buttons, the iWatch sports a curved touchscreen and displays just four application icons at one time. For all its cool looks, minimalism and simplicity, this iWatch concept is what we’d like to be offered at Apple stores. However, the manufacturer has spoken nothing about unveiling a device like this anytime soon, leaving us technology hogs with a nasty craving.




    iWatch Concept from Todd Hamilton on Vimeo.

    [Via – Dvice]

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