• Tikker watch counts down the time you’ve got left to live

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    Having a death-clock ticking ominously, telling you just how long you have to live, isn’t particularly an enjoyable experience. Some people think otherwise. Behold the Tikker, a reminder of your apparent demise that you can now sport on your wrist! This digital watch counts down seconds, minutes, days and years, telling you just how much time you’ve got left. The watch comes with a questionnaire booklet called “About Time” that helps users calculate the amount of time they’ve got left.

    In an email to mashable.com, Fredrik Colting, Tikker’s creator, said, “I think we can have a better life, and make better choices, if we are more aware of our upcoming expiration. It gives us perspective — the little stuff suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore. That’s why I see Tikker as a happiness watch.”

    [Via – Mashable]

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