• TicTocTrac concept watch not only tells you the time but also helps you perceive it

  • Though this watch has no practical use, it seems very interesting. The TicTocTrac watch is a project from a couple of students from Cornell University that not only tells time like a regular timepiece, it also lets you measure your own perception of its passing. The TicTocTrac wristwatch, is an engineering project, has a handsome analog-faced watch with a 3D-printed case and microSD card slot. You can check the time by double-tapping its face, activating LED indicators. . When you’re enjoying, the time flies by, and when u are bored the second feels like an hour. This is achieved by first activating the watch through a double tap gesture, at which point it will briefly flash a random number between 5 and 55. This is the amount of minutes you’re supposed to estimate, and you have to double tap the watch again when you think this amount has elapsed. The gadget will tell you if you’re over or underestimated and by how much.

    [The Verge]

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