• This iPhone 7 concept sees off the 3.5 mm jack

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    While we’re contemplating what features the iPhone 7 could bring and drop, designer Eric Huismann has visualized one concept that completely does away with the 3.5 mm jack. Instead, he hopes for a world where iPhone users will be entertained wirelessly. The main reason for this is the fact that the future iPhones could be really slim. Wireless headsets that connect over Bluetooth or Lightning ports seem to be quite a possibility. He’s also added his touch to the classical Home button. The all new button introduces a 3D touch function. Keeping in trend with other brands, the artist has also predicted the coming of a smaller, 4-inch device that keeps the price conscious and size conscious folks satisfied.

    The idea is quite tempting, especially since the concept arrives in the space black color. That’s something that has been forgotten over time. The idea of wireless AirPods taking dominion over the music listening preferences of Apple users is something that seems to be a rather practical solution. But we must remember that it isn’t only the 3.5 mm port that will go missing with a slimmer design.


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