• The Laundry Pod tucks under your kitchen sink and washes using no electricity

  • LaundryPod.jpg Its all about kitchen desings these days. Here’s yet another design that’ll fit right into just about any kitchen countertop, the Laundry Pod. Now kitchen-used cloths like your apron and those hand towels need a regular wash, and you really can’t toss them into the laundry every now and then. So, for a small load of cloths that need washing, the Laundry Pod works just great. Designed by Ingvald Smith-Kielland, this one can be tucked under your kitchen sink. Washing is not all this one does. It also damp dries the cloths you toss in, uses minimal water and no electricity! A perfect add-on for your kitchen, the Laundry Pod keeps you apron clean.

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