• The Musicon educates the young about the art of music!

  • Musical genius doesn’t come that easily and more often than not, some of the world’s best musicians start of at an early age. If you’ve been looking for the perfect tool to turn your little one into a musical prodigy, this educational toy is worth a consideration. Called the Musicon, this contraption is built for children aged 2 to 8.

    In essence, the Musicon works like an old barrel organ. Sporting a bunch of moving buttons that each activates a different instrument, the Musicon allows users to create complete compositions with control on the music piece’s tempo. And that’s not all. Your budding musician at home can also select from different music styles including rock, salsa, blues and the like. Also, the Musicon can be used by a single child or a group of children, working exceptionally well for music therapy!


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