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    Most developing countries are dealing with water scarcity so the task of doing laundry also takes a lot of effort like travelling to a nearby water source. “Swirl”, a unique concept by Designaffairs studio, attempts to simplify this task. The Swirl aims to enhance a social cultural relationship between women and children, making washing a fun and easy experience. Resembling a ball, the Swirl comprises of a swirled sphere shaped basket and lid, connected to a steel tube handle. Courtesy a simple interface, laundry is done by through the rotation of the ‘washing ball’, using the long distance travel to and from water supplies to wash the clothes. The embossed surface of this Swirl helps to ensure thorough cleaning. At home, the unique Swirl doubles up as a clothes basket or even a water barrel. Just put the lid on and lock the handle in and the Swirl can be easily transported by either pulling or pushing. Just fill it with your garments and water and start washing your clothes by rotating the swirl.

    The spherical design allows it to become a whimsical object allowing the users to play with it, making laundry a fun task. Truly unique, the kids will love doing laundry in the Swirl.

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