• Sugru turns LEGO bricks and figurines into cable-holders

  • lego-cable-holder-1LEGO bricks are more than just a bane for the barefooted. These bricks can double up as a lot more than play-things and the brainiacs at Sugru have just proven so. These folks have managed to turn LEGO bricks into holders, keystands and more! If you haven’t noticed from the pictures we’ve posted here already, the LEGO figurines are completely capable of holding on to stray USB and accessory cables. This makes these little toys perfect little add-ons to table tops, helping keep cables in place!

    All that was needed to accomplish this was a flat LEGO tile, a drill machine, a little LEGO figurine and lots and lots of creativity. We love how these toys have been repurposed and are now being used for a mightier cause at Sugru. Tell us what you think!


    [Via – Core77]

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